How to tune using tuner

You can also use TB Strobe Tuner or other tuner to tune Pure Tuning, please see links. To tune it on a piano, just tune tones from one octave using a tuner, that means 12 tones. Then tune, one by one, all the other tones by tuning pure octaves. I recommend starting on the octave beginning from C4 (middle C), because harmonic inaccuracies are smallest here. If you prefer tuning C4 to 256 Hz, you should set A4 (concert pitch) to 429.17647 Hz. Of course, you can also tune to norm A4 = 440 Hz, what is necessary to do on majority of instruments today.

You can download preset for TB Strobe Tuner in download section; you can tune Pure Tuning using it. You can also easily create presets for historic temperaments, just use following generator as a source and copy it to a text file.