Hauptwerk temperament generator

This application is able to generate temperament file for Hauptwerk. Just input the relative number or arithmetic expression for each tone and click 'Save to disk'. Numbers must be within the range shown below, which is calculated as double the value of the first tone. Value of the first tone cannot be changed.

This generator features transposition. You can create one basic temperament in standard C key, then transpose your pitches to any other key, so your temperament will sound the same in that key. If you use some temperament other than Equal in various keys, you can notice that it sounds completely different. Now, the transposing feature of this generator allows you to have the same sound in various keys.

You can also input absolute frequencies of tones in Hz. This feature can also be used to transpose any temperament you use in Hauptwerk. Just open the XML file of the temperament you want to transpose in a text editor and type the values of the first 12 tones there. In this mode of input you can, of course, also input the value for tone C and then the range will be calculated automatically.

Name of the temperament:

Brief name of the temperament:

append name of the transposition to these names

input frequencies of tones instead of relative numbers
Transpose to:

Put the file inside the "Temperaments" folder (normally inside C:\Program files\Hauptwerk\HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents\Temperaments). Then you should see it among the temperaments in your Hauptwerk.

You should not change the name of the file after clicking the 'Save to disk' button, otherwise the file extension would be lost; hence it wouldn't work.

It will work correctly only in Hauptwerk 4, not in previous versions.

Copying this generator or parts of it is not allowed without the permission of the owner. All rights reserved.